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As a homeowner, the need for regular maintenance and cleaning of your home should be a top priority. This creates a conducive place to live in as well as ensures a safe and healthy living space. 

However, ductwork is one of the most overlooked maintenance methods. Over time, dirt and dust particles accumulate in the ducts compromising the air quality circulating your property. As a result, it can potentially cause health problems like allergic reactions, asthma, etc.

Moreover, accumulated contaminants can block the air ducts and might affect the airflow. As a result, this can make your HVAC system work harder, be less efficient and skyrocket your energy consumption. 

We understand the temptation to cut corners from the desire to save money or conclude a job independently. However, if you are trying to adopt a DIY approach it’s critical to weigh in the actual complexity and pitfalls it entails.

The Risks of DIY HVAC Duct Cleaning

Cleaning air ducts is not as easy and simple as dusting your furniture or windows. It’s a complicated job that requires extensive knowledge, and years of experience in the HVAC system. The job also needs specialized cleaning tools and equipment to ensure that the job is done correctly.

At first, attempting DIY HVAC cleaning may seem practical, but it comprises several hidden risks that might cost you more in the long run.

Major Air Duct Damages

If not done properly, it can cause major damage to your ductwork. HVAC usually consists of thin metal, which is susceptible to deformation if mishandled properly.

For instance, flex ducts are materials that can easily be damaged while cleaning them especially if you are not properly equipped with the right equipment or proper training. A high-pressurized air can cause the ductwork to rupture to clean it. Additionally, improper tools that you would use in cleaning the flex duct can create openings as they can easily tear as you go through the process.

If this happens dirt and dust could easily penetrate the HVAC system making it less efficient. Regardless of how careful you are, you may still not possess the right skills and knowledge to thoroughly clean the air ducts effectively.

Less Effective Cleaning Quality

Attempting a DIY approach to clean your air ducts may not be able to provide the best result you aim for. For you to effectively eliminate all dirt and debris, you will need to invest in the right equipment, tools, and safe cleaning agents. If left unattended, this might cause build-up over time that will lead to blocked air ducts and reduced airflow.

Hiring the pros will give you the best HVAC cleaning results as they have years of experience and own the right equipment that is essential to get stellar finishes.  Professional cleaners are trained to thoroughly clean ducts and even eliminate all traces of contaminants leaving you fresh and clean air.

Adventure Awaits in Leawood, Kansas

Leawood has constantly grown in population since the 1980s and is highly popular to be the ultimate shopping destination for locals and tourists in the metro area. It houses several outdoor malls that can only be found in Leawood.

Here’s what Leawood stores for your next visit.

Town Center Plaza

Tailored to provide an open-air mall in Leawood, Town Center Plaza is your next one-stop-shop shopping destination. It boasts a wide selection of boutiques, specialty stores, and entertainment options. 

The establishment was opened in 1996 and it houses more retail chains such as Banana Republic, L.L. Bean, Loft, Bonobos, Barnes & Noble, Macy’s, Pottery Barn, Sephora, and Gap. You can have a delicious snack after a long day of shopping as you can choose from the chain of diners and eateries such as Cold Stone Creamery and Shake Shack to mention a few.

Park Place

Nestled on the north side of Town Center Plaza, this place is highly regarded for its restaurants, cafes bars, bistros, and sprawling entertainment attractions. Unlike any other park in Leawood, what makes Park Place stand out among the rest is that it gives the vibe of an urbanized city district. You will distinguish these through its green and leafy sidewalks, sophisticated street design, and spacious main plaza.

The space converts into a farmers’ market every Saturday morning from May through mid-October. And if you are visiting in the winter season, you can spend your time in the little ice skating rink.

Taste of Leawood

If you are looking for a festival that showcases the top Leawood Chamber restaurants then you better visit Leawood every September. The tradition was first celebrated in 1998, and Taste of Leawood became popular with locals and tourists as there are more than 30 participants that you can hop on.

You can taste unlimited bite sizes from diverse locally-owned restaurants serving each of their specialties from country-style BBQ, pizza, pastries, Thai food, and more.

Admission comes with four free drinks, and it is the perfect spot to unwind as there is live entertainment to lighten up the ambiance.

Discover Famous Park in Overland Park

Thompson Park 

Overland Park boasts over 80 parks and Thompson Park is something that you shouldn’t miss. Nestled on the main street of Downtown Overland Park, the park welcomes you with grills and picnic areas, restrooms, outdoor working space with Wi-Fi, and open-air shelters.

Bring your kids along as you should not miss the playground area that has a crawl tunnel, spinner, climbing structure, water play, and swings. 

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